Bryn McAuley



Bryn McAuley has been acting since she was six years old, when she landed the title role in the animated children series, Caillou.  Bryn also worked onscreen in her childhood, in films like What Katy Did with fellow Canadian child actors Michael Cera, and Allison Pill.

Since her start as Caillou, Bryn has amassed more than 30 cartoon voice credits as leading or guest characters in shows like Franklin, Angela Anaconda, Toad Patrol, Anne of Green Gables, The Cat in the Hat, 6teen, Carl Squared and a whole lot more upcoming series including Fresh TV’s Grojband, 9 Story’s Camp Lakebottom, and the fifth season of Total Drama Island!

Bryn’s stage work includes the title role in Toronto’s indie hit Claire, from the Bus by Kjartan Hewitt and starring Ennis Esmer. In 2013, Bryn won the Toronto Theatre Critics Award for her role as Little Red Riding Hood in Ross Petty’s annual panto, Snow White. 

Bryn continues to work on screen as well, recent roles include a guest star on Saving Hope, and roles on Lost Girl and Played. Bryn made her mark at this year’s Reel World Film Festival with a gutsy role in Kawa Ada’s short, The Jihad Gigolo. Upcoming projects include a comedy panelist show debuting on SuperChannel.